.......one of the leading design, sustainability and project management practices in Europe and the foremost WorkPlace Engineering Consultancy.

Range of Commissions

The wide range of commissions is testimony to our capability, whilst the unique combination of major and minor appointments shows the true professionalism that Andrew Wilkes redefined.

Known for innovative and leading-edge concepts, we are often considered alongside the largest of consulting practices.

Low-Cost Solutions

Although we have a reputation for success with avant-garde concepts, these are always founded upon extremely economic solutions. By placing emphasis where required, financial resources are correctly directed in both capital and operational terms.

Our advanced thinking and design is brought to practical realisation by appropriate skills at all stages. Using quality assured business processes, our design concepts are efficiently transferred to the construction stage. A successful outcome is then ensured by our precise management of the Commissioning and Handover activities.Our holistic approach is always less expensive to construct than traditional design and procurement. Our concepts result in higher building value facilitating larger investment growth.

Office Productivity

Our advanced ideas and concepts are particularly relevant to the operational performance of all organisations. Recent years have witnessed a revolution in the way accommodation is designed and procured. Excesses have given way to a more enlightened philosophy that is inward looking: providing efficient facilities to attract and keep the key staff who directly affect the effectiveness of an organisation - allowing it to compete in the global marketplace that the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world, has become.

Quality Assurance

Much of our work is derived from referral and repeat business. We are proud of this track record and safeguard the reputation by remaining totally committed to the whole of the Briefing, Design, Construction and After-Care stages. Each stage has its' own emphasis and a policy of total involvement is an integral part of our Quality Assurance procedures.