For over 20-years, the Firm that Andrew Wilkes founded as an alternative to conventional consulting practices has become synonymous with success.


Our principal office is in Worcester 

from where we undertake appointments

throughout the UK and Abroad.


We are now a well established, leading Consultancy Practice with a high-quality Client Portfolio taking us to all parts of the world. Our eclectic mix of professionals has created a portfolio of appointments ranging from the commercial to the exemplar.


Andrew Wilkes led the vanguard for a new breed of Consultant specialising in the design of advanced buildings and dwelling places for people.

We specialise in WorkPlace Engineering and Environmental Consultancy thus creating sustainable, efficient, healthy and environmentally responsible buildings.

A belief in aesthetic proportion enhances architectural judgement whilst an holistic approach addresses the fundamental issues of concern to those who occupy buildings.


Lateral thought pervades our philosophy. It is through our substantial Research and Development that concepts, once mere ideas, have now been accepted commonplace by other designers. The practice has created some of the most innovative concepts for modern workplace design and continues to work closely with leading academic institutions. Using advanced techniques such as experimental Hydro-bath Scale Modelling; and, Virtual Reality Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD(V-R)], ultra-low energy solutions have been developed for a range of building types.

Creative Solutions

Localised Air Filtration [LAF – personal control of HEPA-filtered air at the desk] has allowed improved user satisfaction, less absenteeism and greater health & wellbeing.

Location Independent Working [LIW] practices have been brought about by increased access to data and centralised filing.

Lower energy demand has ensued by Façade Engineering employing a third-pane projected from the traditional elevation surface.